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It’s their last summer of freedom, the summer between leaving school and getting serious about work or uni. So, Sam’s mates try to convince him that it’s his last chance to get laid before he ends up a college-age virgin.

Mango believes in a magical ‘karma’ that connects surfing with getting laid and tries to convince Sam that ‘the waves bring the girls’, all he needs to do is cast his net wide enough. But Sam just wants to use this time to surf before he moves away from the beach to university… until he sees his perfect 10, the woman of his dreams, Jules riding his break.

When Sam tries to speak to her, her son-of-a-gangster boyfriend and his goons smash his and his mates’ boards, leaving Sam no way of meeting Jules again – and their summer looking pretty bleak.

After repairing to their rather depressing place of work, the local kebab shop, Jules appears to apologise and convinces Sam and the boys to steal new boards from her ‘arsehole’ boyfriend’s surf shop.

Wanting to impress Jules, Sam agrees but his best female friend Charlie tries to warn him off and is skeptical about the whole plan. Little do the boys know, Johnny’s dad is a big time gangster and Jules has a much bigger ulterior motive.

After getting stoned, their well-laid plans go awry and a comedy of errors ensues as everyone’s schemes collide. But, after encounters with police, crazy stoners, a nail-gun-wielding gangster, a 15 y.o. uzi bearing gun dealer, and a great white shark, Sam discovers love has been under his nose the whole time.
Writer Scott Walker