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Forbidden Zone 2 brings back a cartoon-like fantasy world using green screen backgrounds, animation and humorous three-dimensional sets. Set against a strong musical score and a very much tongue-in-cheek script, this is what every Forbidden Zone fan has been waiting for – since 1982!

This film isn’t for just anyone. It cuts out the dullards and veers towards the interesting and interested: those who love Rocky Horror, Monty Python and Danny Elfman films. It particularly appeals to the multi-generational legions of loyal FZ fans who have been demanding a re-run of this fascinating production concept – but will sit equally well with newcomers, many of whom will be committed lovers of video games.

The first micro-budgeted film became a cult hit with a fanatically loyal—and presently growing—international fan base. FZ2 shall be as funny and outrageous as the original but with a cast and production values (plus hot video game) that will access a broader demographic.
Writer Richard Elfman
Choreographer Shana Carroll (Cirque du Soleil)