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An Abducted Daughter. A Driven Father.

A young girl’s disappearance sends her determined parents off on a rescue mission into the shadowy world of illegal organ transplants.

When their daughter goes missing, a camping vacation turns living nightmare for Frank and his wife. With Kate nowhere to be found, the distraught couple is dealt another blow when police investigators identify similarities to other cases involving an elusive serial abductor. Certain events don’t ‘feel’ right to Frank who sees signs of a chilling conspiracy.

The police dismiss Frank’s fears for lack of evidence, while Rosie can barely bring herself to believe the possibilities confronting her own daughter. Eventually they connect the dots and find themselves facing the equally strong desires of both a covert medical group and a mysterious wealthy family seeking an organ donor for their terminally ill son – at any cost.

The clock is ticking against Kate’s life. Will her father gain enough information to save her?
Writer Rodney Gibbons